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nightlysunflower asked: Just curious because I was talking with a friend the other day. I know you've expressed that the young women on the covers of Spiritwalker do not accurately represent your image of Catherine. And I was wondering if you ever got the chance, would you have prints republished with a more proper face claim or perhaps more minimalist? My friend and I were saying that even Cat's sword would appear more accurately than she did, and how sad that is once it's out of the hands of the author.

The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal (a short story in a chapbook of either 32 to 36 pages) is in production right now and it includes 29 gorgeous illustrations by the amazing Julie Dillon AND characters look the way they ought to look.

Like, you know, THIS (I showed off this one already)(although this isn’t actually the final version, in the final she is wearing boots):


I was hoping the chapbook would be available for all my book events (see below or click on the link for more info) but due to some delays it seems unlikely to be available for purchase in SF or SD or NY but possibly Seattle and Portland will have physical copies. Obviously once the chapbook is printed, copies can be ordered in the mail!

I decided to do the chapbook because 1) I wanted to do a quick version of the Spiritwalker Trilogy from Bee’s point of view and 2) my chance to have the characters look the way they are described in the text.

Dillon’s illustrations are truly wonderful. I’m super excited about the project.

Also, feel free to RT the book events or share them with friends who may live in the relevant cities. I hope to at the very least be able to show off more of the illustrations and have an order form for those interested at all of the events.

San Francisco June 27 at 7 pm, Borderlands Books

San Diego June 29  at 2 pm, Mysterious Galaxy

New York Review of Science Fiction Reading Series July 2 at 7 pm (Soho)

Seattle July 8 at 7 pm University Bookstore

Portland July 9 7 pm Powells-Ceder Hills Crossing

Last but not least: Thank you for asking. This does matter to me.

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