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I’m officially doing nothing but revising COLD STEEL, but like many writers I know, I occasionally have to poke at something else for an hour just to catch my breath and take a break.

What that means right now is a YA fantasy (working title: Mask).

What that also means is that I’m developing a playlist for the project. (I have playlists for each of my projects. There is sometimes some overlap but mostly each project has its own sound or focus. Today I added this year’s BIGBANG album to the Mask playlist.

I’m so old that I remember when MTV showed music videos. My (not quite yet) spouse and I used to go to a frozen yoghurt shop, and I would watch music videos on the screen (we didn’t have cable) for as long as he could stand to sit there. I love music videos, the good, the bad, and the omg what were they thinking.

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  1. raleighs-innergoddess said: I get heart palpitations any time I hear about Cold Steel. :D Mask definitely has me intrigued. That song + YA Fantasy + You = Gonna Read It
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