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I’m doing a Reddit AMA on June 7. Which makes me wonder how much of an overlap there is between Reddit and Tumblr. Based on my follow list … not so much.

Writer Maria Lima has a great post on privilege and the cards you’re dealt which is a follow up to John Scalzi’s post on privilege and the huge (and rather astonishing) comments that follow (she links to his post in hers.

Based ONLY on these criteria, at the start of the game, straight white males already have the advantage in having more cards.

No, this doesn’t mean that their entire journey through Life will be easy, simple and without roadblocks, only that they get more cards to start with. Some folks will get extra cards along the way (for money, education, other aspects of Life that affect their journey). That’s a given.

What Scalzi was pointing out that, at the start, straight, white males have more cards to play. What they do with those cards and how many other cards they get are variable.

So, we’re not blaming you for this, it’s just a statement of fact. You (the straight white male) have more cards at the beginning. You can choose to use those cards to lord it over others, or you can choose to stop, think and be inclusive.

It’s up to you.

Not that this hasn’t already been said one hundred thousand times. But. You know. Visibility matters.

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